The Ministry

How The Grace Revolution Began

“If you don’t preach pure, unadulterated grace, people’s lives will never be gloriously blessed and gloriously transformed.”

This one statement that God made to Joseph Prince in 1997 completely transformed the way Joseph preached and taught the gospel.

And thus began the Grace Revolution.

Joseph had been holidaying with his wife Wendy in the Swiss Alps and there, amid the majestic landscape, God told him that he had not been preaching grace, and gave him the mandate to preach grace—pure and unadulterated. This meant preaching about God’s grace without attempting to balance, or mix, it with the law. Desiring to see his congregation liberated, empowered and blessed by the Lord, Joseph fully embraced the mandate from God and has not looked back since.

Unveiling Jesus And His Finished Work

Since then, God has more than validated His word, not just in the explosive growth of Joseph’s local congregation in Singapore, but also wherever the gospel of grace has been preached. The church Joseph pastors numbered some 2,000 members in 1997, and this has grown to more than 31,000 members today.

To date, Joseph has spoken in Israel, Norway, Holland, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and Asia, impacting not only believers, but also church leaders with practical and revelatory preaching that unveils the person and grace of Jesus Christ.

Broadcasting The Gospel Of Grace Around The World

"My ministry is all about exalting the person of Jesus and giving Him the central place in the Church by focusing people on His finished work at Calvary.”
—Joseph Prince

Joseph has also seen doors open supernaturally for his broadcast program, which currently reaches millions of homes across North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Israel on both secular and Christian networks.

And every week, testimonies pour in telling of hearts and minds liberated, bodies healed and made whole, lives impacted and transformed, marriages rescued and restored, and addictions and bondages destroyed. The Lord has brought about these amazing breakthroughs just by people hearing the unadulterated gospel of grace preached. This is the truth that has changed countless lives—it is no longer about what we need to do or what we have done to earn God’s blessings, but all about what Jesus has done for us!

Impacting The World One Child At A Time

Besides preaching and sending the gospel of grace out to the world, Joseph also considers it a calling and an urgent priority to help less fortunate children, especially in Asia, rise above the darkness and horrors of poverty. This is done by partnering with missions organizations committed to giving these children hope and a chance at a better future, and to making the grace and love of Jesus real in their lives. To find out more, click here.